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Michele Nanchoff


Sew What

.December 24 2020 

Kate, the owner of Sew What!, provides exceptional products and service. She made blinds and deck furniture cushions and throw pillow for our condo in Placencia. I am impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and expertise, helpful ideas, friendliness, prompt replies and willingness to explore our ideas as well. Working long-distance with her was a dream! She arranged to have our items shipped via water taxi from San Pedro to the Belize City water depot so we could pick them up. All items were packaged incredibly well when we received them in Belize City. Kate also worked to find an installer in Placencia who she trusted and is familiar with her blinds. We love the blinds - they work smoothly and look beautiful. The deck furniture cushions and throw pillows are incredibly well made and also beautiful! Working with Kate is a pleasure! I highly recommend Sew What!, their products and services.


Kate Watts


Sew What

January 8 2020 

We had custom requests for dog beds, unique sized window coverings, variety of outdoor pillows, chaise lounge cushions and the Sew What team was quick to help us design, make, deliver and install everything. Very pleased, highly recommend!

Laura Diffendal


Sew What


January 6  · 

I have used Kate for years. Highest quality on the island, she is the only one we go to for shades, fabrics, lounge covers, pillows etc, for our two boutique hotels in Belize. Her quality lasts years and is a very good value. Highly recommend her and she is also timely and professional!

Julie Kendall


Sew What

May 5 2020

They are very helpful and knowledgeable. We are new to the island and Kate went out of her way to help us. Highly recommend.

Rebecca Coutant


Sew What

I haven’t read the history of Sunbrella fabric but I’m pretty sure that it was INVENTED for Belize.

It hardly fades, ANYTHING scrubs right out of it, indoor/outdoor, it’s gorgeous – with a huge selection of colorsatterns – Sunbrella is magic.

**We have a deep red sunbrella cushion outside. 

Jeff’s owned it for over 7 years and it looks SHOCKINGLY great.

Kate, the owner of Sew What! – is the source of Sunbrella in Belize.  And her team makes EVERYTHING – from couch cushions and throw pillows to dog beds.  Umbrella, boat covers.  Everything.  Projects BIG (think 150 beach lounge cushions) and small.

They also do SHADE.  We have the perfect sun filtering indoor shades at home…but the outdoor stuff is gorgeous too.

She’s got two shops these day – a brand new one (above) at 6 miles north and one right on Back Street.  Don’t be shy.  I like to just stop in and look at the rolls and rolls of gorgeous fabric.

And I’m pretty excited to get some Sunbrella dog beds for the gang.

Jeneah Chan


Sew What

August 21 2020

Great place! These guys know what they are doing and go the extra mile to assist you in a friendly relaxed way. Not only is service expert and fast price is fair with good quality fabrics . They take there time to educate you on what type of fabric to use if you wish to sew on your own and they even do custom sewing. I highly recommend Sew What? For all your fabric needs.

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