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Sew What! Team

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Our manager, Letty, loves what she does! This is just the face of concentration that comes with wanting to provide excellence. Letty has worked for Sew What for almost 14 years now. When we first met, she had her own sewing business and would occasionally assist with projects when I needed extra help. As the business grew, it made sense for her to join me full time, and she has become an invaluable partner in the business. She always has a positive attitude about whatever we are doing and never shrinks from a challenge. As we started to add more people to our team, Letty took it upon herself to make sure that everyone was trained to our standards, and was managing long before she had the official title.
Letty has a positive attitude that is contagious, and is the kind of person that seems to know everyone in town. You may have even heard her voice on several radio-thons in the past. When asked what she likes most about working for Sew What, she simply replied "all of it". They say that when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life, and this captures Letty's attitude perfectly. Once life returns to normal, stop by and say hello to her on your next trip north. Letty manages the projects there now. We're just north of Portofino, and you can’t miss our bright pink building and bright yellow sign.


Meet Sabina. She's originally from southern Belize and has 3 boys who are all almost through high school. She's been with us for over ten years now. She has a great attitude about learning new things and figuring out how to work on any new challenge. And as you can imagine, we get a few of those here! On those rare moments when there is time, she makes some pretty creative things for herself with bits of fabric. She has become our anchor person at the shop in town, mainly working on furniture projects. Stop by and say hello sometime.


Meet Ismael. He's been with us for 6 years now. Over the years he has mastered all our products, and more recently has become our go-to person for our custom roller shades. Making roller shades requires exact measurements and attention to several details to ensure they fit and roll properly.
A little-known fact about Ismael is that when he was younger, he participated in and then organized a youth chess club for southern Belize. Maybe the discipline and strategy of chess continue to be a part of his ability to take on new challenges.


Meet Carla. She stopped by Sew What 3 years ago looking for an interior design job while finishing up her studies in architecture. She joined our team and after graduating decided to stay with us. Her attention to detail and eye for design gives our projects a professional finish.

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